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BEL Z-24 camera control

Quick and easy set up

Worldwide license free operation.

Compact design

Tally support

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) for robust signal integrity.

Transparent operating with OEM control protocols



Existing camera control systems rely on a dwindling supply of UHF frequencies to operate on and these systems rely the operator to secure a frequency for the location and the venue the equipment is being taken to.  This process can be costly, time consuming and is rarely the same process from country to country. "Securing a frequency" does not guarantee its use free from interference and relies on the camera operator being able to change frequencies at the last minute on unfamiliar equipment. This is where the Z-24 system with its license free band operation and FHSS technology deliver a step forward in camera control operation.

The Z-24 supports all the features and control parameters from the camera so to the vision engineer there is no difference between the wireless and line cameras and therefore no compromise in production quality.

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